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Metro Community Housing is introducing an education scholarship program. The scholarship is open to anyone housed by the organisation who is seeking to undertake vocational study.

Metro Housing firmly believes in the value of education, but also recognises the serious financial barriers that can prevent enrolment in study.

Metro Community Housing's scholarship program is aimed at providing financial assistance for clients who wish to pursue vocational education opportunities.

This includes (but is not necessarily limited to):

  • Senior high school studies (year eleven and twelve)
  • A range of vocational university or TAFE courses
  • Tertiary education bridging courses (generally provided through TAFE or university summer or winter school)
  • English language courses, e.g. English in the Workplace (run through TAFE)
  • Accredited vocational training through a private education institution e.g. barista training, forklift license, large vehicle license, food preparation course

These scholarships will be awarded to up to 10 tenants annually. Each successful tenant will be awarded a $500.00 payment to be used towards their course fees or a directly related expense. In most cases the funds will be paid directly to the chosen education institution, or on production of a receipt or tax invoice for costs such as textbooks.

Recipients of the scholarship will receive payment on completion of each semester, except in special circumstances.

The Board of Directors and Manager will review each application, and will award the funds based on a combination of demonstrated need and relevance of the course to future employment opportunities.

Download and complete form to apply

If you are interested in joining us, please download the form and return to us.

Download Scholarship Form

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