Are you interested in leasing your property to Metro?

We head-lease over 270 properties which we then sublet to our tenants. We house individuals and families and are regularly looking for units and houses of between 1-4 bedrooms in the Inner West and Canterbury Local Government Areas (and nearby suburbs). We are interested in long term relationships with the owners we lease from so our preference is to lease properties for a minimum period of 3 years. By leasing to Metro you will:

  • Avoid the need to pay management fees, but still deal with professional staff who will manage all aspects of the tenancy
  • have the security of a company paying rent on time, in advance and with no possibility of default or loss of income due to vacancies
  • have access to licenced, insured and registered contractors who can provide fairly priced maintenance services on your behalf, or nominate your own tradespeople
  • help to provide stable, affordable and secure housing to low income earners and promote diverse and inclusive communities.

As at 1 July 2017 our budgets for properties are:

  • Studio Units – $420.00
  • 1 B/R Units – $470.00
  • 2 B/R Units – $545.00
  • 3 B/R Units – $650.00
  • 3 B/R Houses – $675.00
  • 4 B/R Houses – $750.00
  • 5 B/R Houses – $780.00

If you would like any additional information please use a preferred contact method on our contact page.