Rental caps on Leasehold properties

Metro receives an annual grant from FACS which funds us to head-lease properties for our tenants. We are funded for a quota of 261 properties but we are able to lease additional properties if we can manage our budget efficiently. This generally means not renting properties in high cost suburbs and renting properties which meet the household’s entitlement in regard to number of bedrooms and housing type (ie unit or house).

In order to house as many people as possible within our annual budget Metro has set “caps” on the maximum rent levels that we will generally apply when sourcing properties for tenants who are transferring. As at 1 July 2017 these amounts are:

  • Studio Units – $420.00
  • 1 B/R Units – $470.00
  • 2 B/R Units – $545.00
  • 3 B/R Units – $650.00
  • 3 B/r Houses – $675.00
  • 4 B/R Houses – $750.00
  • 5 B/R Houses – $780.00

Where tenants can demonstrate a specific locational need to remain in a higher cost suburb due to the need to access specialist medical, community support, educational or other services we will either not apply or will agree to increase the capped amount.

There will be situations where Metro will agree to pay above these capped amounts based on an assessment of the individual’s circumstances. Tenants are referred to our Allocation Policy in relation to their entitlement to properties with external yards, or to an additional bedroom. Generally tenants who receive DSP, and who may require the assistance of a carer are entitled to an additional bedroom, as are Indigenous tenants. Tenants who are requesting approval to be housed in a high cost suburb and/or a particular location will be required to complete the Locational needs assessment form.

The right to an additional bedroom applies only to permanent tenants not those housed through transitional programs