Changes to Rent Assessments for Pensioners

Following the recent State Budget the NSW Government has determined that the increase in the pension base rate for single pensioners of up to $30.00 per week which was introduced by the Federal Government in September 2009 is now to be assessed in calculating tenant’s rent. The increases which ranged between $7.00 and $30.00 per week were previously quarantined for rent assessment purposes for public and community housing tenants.

To reduce the impact of sudden increases in rent for tenants, this income will be assessed in two stages, with the first increase (50% of the relevant pension increase amount) to take effect from the new rent start date of 1 November 2011. The second increase will take effect in six months time following the next rent review.

This will result in an increase in rental revenue across the social housing system and this will allow greater investment in new social housing dwellings.